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FDE Osceola 2010 Private Schools

Page history last edited by Karen C Seddon 11 years, 2 months ago


This section of the wiki is designed for our private school teachers in the Osceola FDE grant for 2010.




Institute agenda (Aug.2-5)

Internet Safety PowerPoint

PhotoStory manual by Bobbi Kocher

Audacity manual

Google Earth lessons by David Douglass

Web 20.10 - Hall Davidson and Steve Dembo videos 

Comments (11)

Alina Acosta said

at 3:45 pm on Aug 2, 2010

I really liked learning how to create an interactive power point. I think this will be extremely useful in the classroom. Thank you for everything!!!!!

Amy Vanderkin said

at 3:51 pm on Aug 2, 2010

I will need to learn the basics of power point before being able to utilize all the different bells and whistles that go along with it. I can see how it would be very benificial.

Karen C Seddon said

at 9:13 pm on Aug 2, 2010

Great start. Remember, you don't have to be expert at everything! Be comfortable enough to give the students a chance at it. Time and opportunity are amazing for them.

Alina Acosta said

at 3:24 pm on Aug 4, 2010

Very excited about gaggle! I had no idea that a site can do so much. It seems like a tool that will be extremely helpful to student/parent and teacher. I hope we can get the grant for this.

Alina Acosta said

at 3:27 pm on Aug 4, 2010

After seeing moodle I am very excited, even more than gaggle. I like how EVERYTHING can go up and that grading can even be done on it. I received so many wonderful websites that will be helpful and entertaining for the students. I hope the private sector can get that too!

Amy Vanderkin said

at 3:27 pm on Aug 4, 2010

Audacity is a wonderful tool! It will be helpful for students as well as myself.

Sharon DeRidder said

at 10:23 pm on Aug 4, 2010

Wonderful class and awesome instructor...Karen. I really didn't know there was soooo much out there for educators and students. Great take-aways and great ideas from teachers in the class. Gaggle...can't wait to try it, Audacity...can't wait to try it, Moodle...can't wait to try it, PhotoStory...can't wait to try it!!!!

Sharon DeRidder said

at 10:09 am on Aug 5, 2010

Can you upload the COPPA parent letter (form) on this website.

Alina Acosta said

at 10:39 am on Aug 5, 2010

Please remember to double check if the private schools will be getting DE Streaming. Thank You!

Sharon DeRidder said

at 1:23 pm on Aug 5, 2010

tutorial on Moviemaker

Sharon DeRidder said

at 4:03 pm on Sep 9, 2010

In training, you talked about a website (I think itunes) where I could sign up for podcasts, do a search on a specific person but I can't remember "where" or "how to do it"??

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