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Empowering teacher leaders to enhance the curriculum with technology integration and collaboration in Polk & Osceola
The Florida Digital Educator (FDE) Program in conjunction with the Florida Center for Instructional Technology (FCIT) have amassed an plethora of exciting FREE educational materials for the teachers of Florida. Throughout the Institute and during the 2007-2008, please make multiple trips back to the site to explore the depth of resources available to you and your students all in one place. The list below represents only a few of the resources:
  • Technology Integration Matrix – The (TIM) illustrates how teachers demonstrate the use of technology to enhance student learning. View 25 sample classroom videos of five levels of integration and 5 meaningful learning environments.
  • Lit2Go – thousands of mp3 downloadable files and teachers guides correlated to the Sunshine State Standards waiting for you to show your students how to put them on their mp3 players!
  • TechEase – Can’t help your teachers? Don’t have time? Send them to this site for the answers to all those technology issues that crop up in the classroom.
  • USF on iTunes – is by far the most savvy resource available to anyone interested in stretching their skills or refining the ones not often used. There are even pdfs in their version of iTunes. You won’t believe it until you try it.
  • NetLibrary download books in mp3 format.  The only catch is that a username and password are needed, but for people that live in Osceola County the library will give you access for free.  The only catch is that you have to actually go to the library and ask for access.   I think that you also need to live in the county.  Information is avalable here.   http://osceolalibrary.org/downloaded.htm
    *Note:  While we are in the dorms it seems that Florida Southern has a subscription and you can try out the account just by visiting the website. 
  • 1 download the free interactive dictionary, thesaurus,encyclopedia and much more. It can be used in word doc., excel, pdf files and webpages. Just 1 click will activate this answer engine.

Did You Know?  Karl Fisch
Sir Ken Robinson TED Talks - 18 minute video on creativity in the classroom (highly recommended)
Here's a kid-friendly safe search engine - http://www.onekey.com/
http://www.fldoe.org/justforteachers/hhm.asp Our own FL Dept. of Education has excellent resources for Hispanic Herritage and Black History Month. I even found a few that require the use of technology. Check them out!
Interactive whiteboards
LuLu.com -  publish your own books!
When working on the computer, be aware of time spent.  Stand and stretch.  Use a foot rest while working for long periods of time.  A wrist pad cn be used to help the pressure on the wrists from using the keyboard.



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