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Project Guidelines

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Empowering teacher leaders to enhance the curriculum with technology integration and collaboration in Polk & Osceola
Project Guidelines
Project based learning requires organization, vision, determination and collaboration. Does that describe your classroom? It’s hard to do and the reason all Florida Digital Educators are being given the chance to experience a project-based learning opportunity. How can we expect success from our students if we haven’t tasted what it feels like to go through the process? 
Project benchmarks must include:
  • A role for every group member
  • A storyboard of the project
  • A collaborative document
  • An essential question
  • Curriculum framed by the Sunshine State Standards.
Digital elements in the project must include at least three of the following:
  • Original music
  • Original video
  • Original audio
  • An online presence (collaborative tool or website)
  • Use of an emerging tool
  • Any other new resource discovered in the Institute
Project considerations:
  • Did every member of the group contribute?
  • Did we stretch ourselves? Did we try new technologies?
  • Does the project have an educational purpose at my school?



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Project Guidelines



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