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Presentation software

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Presentation Software
By now it would be fair to say that PowerPoint is a bit overused. However, it is possible to create very effective PowerPoint for instruction with just a few tips and tricks. If you are already an advanced user of PowerPoint, stretch yourself and try Keynote on the Mac or use Inspiration as your presenter.
PowerPoint is neither "powerful" nor to the "point" if it is used incorrectly.  We have all seen examples of the same old thing in PowerPoint with overused templates or worse yet, overused animations, sounds and bells and whistles that distract from the presentation.
The best tips for PowerPoint/Keynote in the classroom include:
  • Use your presentation as your outline to keep you and your students on track.
  • Make bold statements on each slide.  Never copy your notes to the slide and somehow have it transfer to their brains.  Just make 1 or 2 main points per slide and have each point "enter" one at a time. 
  • Be sure to have at least one graphic/picture on each slide but no more than three.
  • Avoid too many animations coming in from different directions.  Your presentation isfor making a point and the animations will distract from your lesson. They students will become more interested in how you did the animation rather than the content of your lesson.
  • Use no more than two fonts and use Word Art sparingly.  Keep your font larger.  Bigger is better in PowerPoint and Keynote.
  • Remember to use PowerPoint to make a"point" that is "powerful!"
Presentation software



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