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Podcasting is the ability to create your own "radio show"  for your students. Imagine recording your lesson and making it available to your students/parents on your website via RSS feed.  RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication (which is not so simple!) By clicking the RSS feed on your website, the students/parents will automatically receive your newest podcasts. There is really nothing new under the sun.  We have been recording audio for decades.  Remember cassette tapes?  Teachers were recording their students for multiple purposes, but when CDs became the main audio delivery format, not many teachers were recording to CD.  Now, digital recording has made lesson capturing intriguing. 
Ideas for Podcasting in the Classroom (make sure you click on the links on the right!)
Suggested sites for student podcast projects 
Podcasts for Educators
  Grammar Girl:
Grammar Girl's name is Mignon Fogarty Her podcasts has been as high as number 2 on iTunes and has had more than 1.3 million downloads.




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