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Music and  Copyrights

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Music & Copyrights
Adding music to a multimedia production brings life to any presentation. It is all too tempting to add your favorite song to a piece of music but copyrights must be honored. We need to be the model to our students who are growing up in a “grab off the internet” generation who think everything is there for the taking.
Copyright resources:
The New Rules of Copyright - article from Tech & Learning about Creative Commons
Hall Davidson’s Copyright Chart for Technology & Learning   copyright_chart.pdf   http://www.halldavidson.net/
 A Fair(y) Use Tale - Stanford Law Center Movie (downloadable)

A Teacher's Guide to Fair Use and Copyright (http://home.earthlink.net/~cnew/research.htm)


Code of Best Practices for Fair Use in Media Literacy Education




Example of a Terms of Use & Service Policy from National Geographic including their podcasts

Eric Faden, Assistant Professor of English and Film Studies

Gary H. Becker  http://beckercopyright.com/

What is public domain?

Fair Use Checklist


Citations websites:


 Oregon School Library Information System OSLIS APA

Oregon School Library Information System OSLIS MLA

Plagiarism checker


Even more copyright resources:





Copyright Basics.ppt 


Google Fair Use Rights




Free music websites:
SoundzAbound  (Royalty free music for schools)
Original music possibilities:
New audio online editor Aviary
GarageBand like editor in Aviary (Myna)
Create original music with Garage Band  Creating Music with Garageband 3.pdf
Use PhotoStory to create original music!
Music & Copyrights


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