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mp3 players in the classroom

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Mp3 players in the classroom
The mp3 player that has everyone’s attention is the iPod, however, it is not the only mp3 player out there. These players give educators the ability to consider a relatively inexpensive way to implement a one-to-one initiative. Teachers have had incredible success with:
  • Differentiated instruction
  • Measuring and encouraging fluency rates
  • English learners accessibility to language development 24/7
  • Modeling inflection and tone in readers
  • Listen to wisdom and literature through audiobooks
  • Creating original audio for the classroom in the student and teacher voice.
Some of the mp3 players available include:
For a review of mp3 players investigate the report on C/NET Review.
Video to go:  Rockies using iPods to study game film  Check out the story.
mp3 players in the classroom



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