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Hubs of Learning

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Hubs of Learning
The third day of the Florida Digital Educator Institute is project time. In addition to group time to collaborate, design and build the project, various “Hubs of Learning” will be available for more indepth training and hands-on experiences. The “Hubs of Learning” will continue throughout the year and  may include:
  • Podcasting with GarageBand 
  • PhotoStory – utilize Microsoft’s free digital program that creates a movie from still photos with original music.
  • mp3 recordings – experiment recording audio with different brands of mp3 players including the video iPod.
  • iMovie – record video, editing and mix the video and render the video for your final project. 


  • GarageBand - for creating original music and audio recordings for podcasting. 


  • unitedstreaming – learn to put your project lesson plan into the Assignment Builder for online access to your assignment.


  • Google Earth - GIS - understand the power of technology for Geography.


Each institute's Hubs of Learning will vary depending on requests from participants and availability of the trainers. 


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Hubs of Learning



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