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What is the Florida Digital Educator Program?
The UCF Institute focused on the integration of the arts as well as technology.  For some ideas, click here
This wiki is designed for any teacher in the FDE Program.  If you would like to edit this wiki, please email Karen C. Seddon ( for the password.  We encourage you to add helpful links and resources that you learned about throughout the Teaching and Learning Institute.
The Florida Digital Educator Program (FDEP) for fantastic (this adjective was the first edit!) teachers  who support integration of technology across the K-12 curricula through collaborative experiences with new technologies and digital tools. The program will help build a common vocabulary across the state of Florida among educators regarding technology integration and digital tools. Included in the program model is an action research and mentoring aspect to increase data-driven research from the classroom and educator perspective.
Polk and Osceola Counties have joined together in a collaborative effort to encourage our teachers to be able to speak a common language of technology for integrating technology in our 21st century classrooms. Throughout the 2007-2008 school year, teachers on every campus in both districts will receive training on emerging technologies and develop sound coaching techniques and protocols to mentor and influence other teachers to become proficient users of technology across the K-12 curricula.
This portal of information is designed to give teachers and administrators a centralized area for access to the resources and experiences throughout the Florida Digital Educator Program and an opportunity to add resources, comments or websites that they feel were valuable to their learning.
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