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Emerging Tools

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Emerging Tools
Keeping up with the changes in the Internet is a full-time job. Web 2.0 is the read/write internet. We are no long passive viewers of what’s online, but active collaborators with other globally. Some of the exciting new tools to date include wikis, blogs and furls. Important areas for your further investigation include:
What is Web 2.0? (video by Luis Perez)
Karl Fisch's "Did You Know?" movie
What is a wiki? (Creative video in real English!)
David Warlick’s Landmark Project
Discover America (Debbie Bohanan)
Web-logged definitions of wikis
How To make wikis and more (The monkey cartoon is on this site!)
An online wiki book that discusses wikis in education
Curriki – a curriculum wiki
Places to create wikis:
Emerging tools




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