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Electronic organizers

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Electronic Organizers
Before creating anything, it’s best to plan. Electronic organizers are available in so many formats that it’s difficult to keep up. Find one that you really enjoy using and share it with your faculty. If more teachers become familiar with collaboration and organizational tools, more projects will be produced! The following represent the current recommended tools. Please let us know if you have more by adding to the list or posting a comment.
  • Inspiration is the best known electronic graphic organizer. It can be downloaded for a 30 day FREE trial, but you must purchase a license after your 30 day FREE trial.  Investigate school wide licenses for cost saving efforts.
  • The following are other online graphic organizers that are FREE or relatively inexpensive:
  • PowerPoint is not just for presentations! It makes the perfect storyboarding idea generator in a tool you are probably most comfortable.


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Electronic Organizers










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